Special Events + Field Trips

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Summer is a special time for kids. Beyond our objective based programming, a unique special event is planned for each day! From the Penny Dive to BBQ Cookouts to Field Trips to a Dutch Auction… every day brings something exciting for campers to look forward to doing!

All Special Events and Field Trips (including Round-Up, Boys Late Night, and Girls Late Night) are included in the Discovery Day Camp Registration Rates.

Some camper favorites include:

  • Round Up – Campers stay at camp until 7pm for a third swim, dinner, and fun activity. Bus service will run after Round Up is over.
  • Late Night – We have a Boys Late Night and Girls Late Night. Like Round Up, campers are invited for dinner and we do a special campfire activity at the Council Ring. S’Mores for everyone! Senior campers are invited to spend the night at camp.
  • Carnival – The carnival comes to Discovery once a summer! We have carnival games, treats, and prizes.
  • Camp Jam – At the beginning of summer the Camp Jam is a great way to acquaint campers with their groups, staff, and our beautiful grounds. Each group visits a variety of stations to accept challenges and earn points.

Check out the calendar to see what’s in store for next summer!